Vitiligo, a working therapy



Vitiligo is a common chronic and progressive dermatosis, characterized by skin patches with shortage (hypochromia) or absence (achromia) of melanotic pigmentation.

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Ratok therapy


Created in 1984, this is the first targeted, selective microphototherapy for vitiligo and revolutionizes the method of irradiation of conventionally used devices.

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The Dermatology Clinic

centro ratok derm milano

The Dermatology Clinic (Sanitary Authorization no. 44, Medical Director Dr. Marina Fantano) has established itself over the years as a facility specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of some of the most common skin pathologies, such as vitiligo and psoriasis. The Centre provides patients from all over Europe with a modern, comfortable environment where its highly specialized medical staff are able to satisfy every need in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine. The centre of 350 sq. m. is subdivided between diagnostic and therapeutic areas. Dermatological unit directed by Dr. Marina Fantato.

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